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Sharbat, Syrups, Squashes & Crushes, Toppings

Energise your day with a nutritious fruit based drink of your choice. Choose from a large range of refreshers and coolers, brought to your home from fruits across India. Strawberries from Mahabaleshwar, Ratnagiri’s Alphonso Mango, Pineapple from South India, Kokum from Maharashtra, Litchi from UP & Bihar and Oranges from Nagpur to name a few.

The crushes are ideal to make mango shakes, or to top up on your favourite ice cream or fruit salad. Our range of crushes include Alphonso Mango Crush, Strawberry Crush, Mango Crush, Pineapple crush and Litchi crush.

Kokum Squash is a tasty blend of Kokum fruit and Jeera (Cumin) powder. Sip it up with Chilled Soda to make a healthy refreshing drink. Kokum fruit is known to shield the body against dehydration and sun stroke. Kokum fruit contains rich amounts of anti-oxidants which help in cell regeneration and cell repair and hence is also used in some cosmetic products. Traditionally Kokum fruit & Jeera powder are also used to treat gastric problems. Cumin seeds have since ages been known for their medicinal properties. So why reach out for chilled cold drink when you can refresh yourself with a healthy Kokum drink with Soda ?!!

Lemon Barley Water is totally pure and natural drink containing no artificial colours or flavours. It brings together the benefits of Lemon and Barley. Lemon Barley water helps detoxify the body giving a healthy, clear beautiful complexion. It is also known to for medicinal properties and used to treat urinary and digestive disorders.

Citrus fruits are known to be rich in Vitamin C besides other important nutrients. Orange squash and Lemon squash bring to you the benefits of citrus fruits.

Rose sharbat and Khus sharbat have traditionally been known provide coolness in summers and taste good with milk.
Go ahead and choose from a range of natural healthy energizing drinks.

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