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Mrs. Rite Spice

  Mrs. Rite Sprice is about enjoying and relishing authentic Indian cuisines. It embodies the spirit of every Indian women who wants to serve her family with traditional dishes once in a while. It’s about the need of today’s youth to stay connected with their roots, to remain firmly grounded in our beliefs and values as we make progress in each sphere of life.

India is a beautiful nation with diverse cultures and different cuisines. The multi-faceted nature of our population gives us a unique opportunity to enjoy the vast number of delicacies from across the country. Every cuisine in India has strong connectivity with certain base spices and the one thing that differentiates Indian cuisine from global cuisines is "Spice".

Currently the product range only has a limited range of Pickles – Mango, Mixed, Lime and Green Chilli. Going forward the product range will include delicacies across the country.

Use Mrs. Rite Spice products to bring a zangy taste to your life. Enjoy our pickles with your meals from plain Rotis to stuffed parathas, from rice & dal to biryanis and also with grilled chicken and other meats. Enjoy Indian snacks such as "Mattharies" with the pickles. Spice up the Rite moments of your family & friends with products from "Mrs. Rite Spice".

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