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Mayonnaise & Salad Dressings

Mayonnaise & salad dressings can be used to prepare many appetizing dishes such as sandwiches and burgers, mixed with chopped onions or cabbage as a tartar sauce for fish dishes. It can be served along with French fries, chips, tandoori chicken, roast chicken, hard boiled eggs. Tasty salads can be made by mixing salad dressings with chopped cucumber, tomato & onions. You could even try mixing it with boiled shredded chicken (or meat of your liking) and serve it cold.

Available in following varieties – Mayonnaise, Eggless Mayonnaise, Diet Eggless Mayonnaise, Burger Mayonnaise, and Salad Dressing.

Strange but did you know that Mayonnaise is also used as a hair conditioner by many big saloons?!!!

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